Can police arrest me without being named in FIR?

FIR is as follows: She has stated that she got married in the year 2015 with me. That after marriage the Father-in-law, Mother-in-law Devi, Jeth Jethani Devi, Jeth, Devar started demanding cash and car whereas before marriage 10 lakh rupee was given by her father with consent of her mother in the bank account of the accused persons. That the accused started mentally torturing her and the same was reported by her to her parents and thereafter a Hyundai car in the name of her sister in law was given to the accused persons. But still the accused persons by torturing her have taken Rs. 50 Lakh from her father and now her father has already retired and now unable to pay any further amount. That it is due to this reason the accused have beaten and injured her and also mentally torturing her. That on information to her brother and sister in law they had come and they have taken her to the police station. That she was apprehending that due to demand of dowry her life is at risk as they are already demanding 10 lakh from her and further said that they have purchased a new HYWA and they have to pay installment for the same and asked her to get Rs. 10 lakh from her father and when she refused to pay they assaulted her. FIR named my father, mother, my elder brother, my sister in law, my second elder brother and my younger brother as accused but there is no mentioning of my name in accused section. But I am not named accused as per FIR and now police has sent me notice under section 41A as accused. I talked to IO and informed him that I am not in accused list but he is not listening to me. Can police arrest me without naming me accused in FIR.