My sister's in laws are not supportive

Dear sir, My sister was married in 2011 september, her in laws including husband are very care less. when she got married it was told that husband is earning 8000/- , later i got to know that he is earning only 4 to 5000, but my sister never took that seriously she was serving them like a daughter from a to z, cleaning home, washing clothes, preparing food everything. her husband is in influence of his mother, who is not even careful about him,,,my sister was in hospital due to pregnancy her husband did not reach on time to give blood, knowing that his wife is in serious condition mother was not too careful. her 1st child boy died in safdarjung hospital, after that also we tried to handle the situation and send her to home with in laws, they asked my sister to do all the work in home in that situation also, and now her second baby girl born on 30th december, her husband is not taking care of her she is now here with me and parents now and her father in law said do what ever you can we will not come to carry her with us.