Salary not paid from starting

Hello Sir/Mam, I am Parwez from Delhi and I want a suggestion regarding the salary not yet paid by the company. In the month of Feb 2015,I had joined a company who hired me at 30,000/- per month and 3 months is its Probation Period. It was told mw that the company will pay the salary on 7th of every month and I agreed on this condition. But when the time came to pay on 7th March 2015, they ask for some more time. Since it is a reputed company I agreed and they paid me 50% of the amount after a week. Then after I asked them regularly about my pending salary but they always make an excuse for that . Time goes on and then at the March end I told him about both the pending and present salary. But they just ignored all my queries. They started making various unethical questions. I am having all the conversations on my mail. Till 8th if April I worked for them but they have not even paid me a single penny fie that. Right now I am not going to office But I have not yet resigned from that company. I sent them various reminder mails but they don't even reply those mails. I request you all please suggest me what should I do now? My family members think that I am still working with that company, I m really very frustrated and having a mental presurre as well .