crpc 125

dear experts, my wife filled crpc 125 against me. in her petition she give fake address. so i write a letter to that fake address and get back it within one week with a postal remark as "not sufficient address" after i received the summon, before the honorable court, i submit the evidence in person. i am not hiring advocate. my divorce order is in tamil version. so the judge ordered me submit the divorce order in english version at my next hearing. from my residential to court there is 1000 km distance. so i send my write petition and english version of divorce order with humble request through register post to the court. i received the acknowledgement. then i am not getting any notice and summon from court for 1.5 years. then after 1.5 years, i send an application under RTI to court to know about the status of the case. the case is disposed in favour of petitioner side as an exparte order as Rs.30,000 per month as monthly maintenance. she got this judgment before 16 months. but till now i am not getting judgment copy. my questions are. 1. how it is possible to get ex parte order? 2. i am not getting any notice or summon 3. the honorable court or my wife till now not sending judgement copy to me. 4. it is possible to submitt set a side? if yes, what is suitable reason for this situation?