Harassed by wife and her parents

Hello, my name is Sudheer, I got married in Nov’2013 and from the day one, I have been facing severe issues and harships because of her unnatural behavior. She has no respect for parents, elders and fights with everyone. (Family members, relatives, friends, including maid, owner, at shop, temple.. everywhere). Her parents too supporting her and I and my parents was literally harassed by both my wife and her parents. She is not ready for mutual divorce and if I proceed legally, they are ready file false cases against me. (Domestic Violence, dowry). I would really appreciate, if someone help with the proceedings. These are the issues I have been facing: • Mental harassment and verbal abuse • Severe mental agony • Abnormal behavior, suicidal threats, and tendencies (Tried to cut her hand with a knife and tried hang with scarf) • Extreme mood swings • Lack of trust and confidence (90 out of 100times she lies or manipulate things) • Insulting behavior- Filthy language and vengeance attitude. (Called me impotent and used filthy language about parents) • Emotional blackmails • Violent at most times • Threaten me with support few goons (her cousins), they too shouted at my parents to leave the home. • Planning to lodge false domestic violence and dowry case. (Goons warned me, if I don’t let my parents out in 15 days)