Marrying a foreigner by an indian citizen

My brother, whose nationality is indian is working in singapore for the last 7 years. He would like to marry a south korean girl who is also residing in singapore. Both are eligible for marriage as per the Foreign marriage act. She belongs to Buddist community and my brother is Hindu, Ezhava. We are from Kerala. The following are our doubts:- 1) For a wedding under Foreign marriage act, to whom we have to contact for this in singapore? 2) What are the steps and procedures of marriage under foreign marriage act? 3) What are the documents needed for this? Do we need any document from their native country? 4) Later they are planning to settle in Kerala, so what are the procedures to get a visa to stay here for life long period? 5) How can we get an internationally accepted marriage certificate? 6) Is there any easy way to conduct marriage here in Kerala, other than special marriage act? 7) One advocate told me to convert her to our community, ie Hindu ezhava, then conduct a wedding as per Hindu marriage, get the documents from our community office, submit it in panchayat office and get a marriage certificate. But whether this is valid in the case of a foreign girl? Please advice.