resignation from bank

Sir i was serving in psu bank and i tendered resignation during probation period with 14 days advance notice (as per the contract of the offer document). I asked for my releving but they(regoinal office) were continuously saying that my resignation is not yet accepted as vigilance clearance not received. In my tesignation it was written that my service may please be considered end on the expiry of 14 days notice.but they keep saying that it will come within next one or two days.i keep requesting them to releave me but they keeps saying i will take two or three days more. These things continue for one month and i continued for one month as i had cash keys. I take one day leave and stop going to bank and telephonicaly and through sms informed my branch manager that i can not come anymore as i can not work there as i am not feeling fit. Some days later a letter from my branch manager that you are on unauthorised absent and report to branch immediately in responce i sent a letter requesting that i am not feeling fit for work and unable to take mental presure any more so pls considered my case sympathically and pls considered the period till tha day my resignation is accepted as leave without pay. It is already two month elapsed since tha day i tendered my resignation but still no letter of acceptance of resignation and releving letter i got. What to do pls help. I am upset.will it affact my joining to another govt job.please advice