Trial 498A

facts my name: ANEESH TRIVEDI AGE 42 WIFE:KAVITA TRIVEDI AGE 35 Wife living in her mohter house having two sis one is MCA not married 30 yrs and next one is in graduation father expired mother is 62yrs no other relatives who help them facts: [1] married on 11dec08,without dowry adarsh vivah [2] she left me due to ego 0n 25 april 09 giving 155 notice in police station. [3] i went to took her back but i was beaten by her father and insulted on 3 may 2009. [4] we start talking 20/5/09 [5] some hard talk is going on since 19/07/09 i went to sp office complain registers it is sent to paramarsh kendra by sp.i attend the hearing of paramarsh kendra she did't came. [6] hearing is on 9sept 09 but on 25/8/09 false 498A was filed and i was arrested for three day now on bail even in media she spread that i m terrorist etc etc [7] mutual aggreement offer come from her side i refused/ [8] i am facing the dates but talk on cell started with her 20/11/09 [9\ she come to me and we went for outing for a week in 28/12/09 [10] she come back in same house [11] i won sec 9 we came to new place 28/3/10 [12] she is pregnant in aug 10 mean time she made drama in may September and October [13]her father die in mystery death on 22/3/11 [13] she delivered a baby on 5/5/11 [14] her mother came on 16/5/11 and went 22/5/11 [`15] on 23/5/11 she talk abusive harsh word on next day lock the door from inside and i was out whole night [16] on 27/5/11 she went to relative house with baby in gown [17] she went to sdop oral complain i was called for paramarhs but i had fear that i may get arrested as before so didnt appeared\ [18]her mother and sister came and she went with them on 8/6/11 i called her lot she not allowing to see me my baby i miss her since 8/6/11 now again situation become worse she is telling harsh word and abusive language and third class talk just like i sleep with othes etc you also go to others. [19] i talk with her 22/7/12 she told mere tarkash me abhi teer baki hai mai to bachi ke bada hone ka intezar kar rahi thi ab khel me maja ayega maine baap khoya antim saans tak ladungi etc etc Queries to be solved here is twisting important lawful point many advocate are not able to give accurate result of this they have different views. twist is that "after filing 498 A she came to me and lived with me for one and half year so the definition of demand is not fulfill" so what will be the final order from judges acquittal or conviction? one more thing it is proved in sec09 order that she is unable to prove that she had been tortured and there is demand of dowry from her she is living in her mother house without any reason she is working so both parties will pay the fees by their own means she also lose sec 24. Her mothers witness is not reliable,and my wife telling lie and fabricated the case of 498A by deep thought and to save herself from sec 09 this is the final, order in sec 09 will it be sufficient to prove my innocence in 498A. first i plan to quash but now decided to face trail present status is that wife evidence completed and MIL is still coming for her evidece, date is after one month after that SHo one more fake witness left though wife came after her arrest warrant case is taking long time but i still patient to face the trail important question is that wife and MIL have give some false statements so when to file purjury under 340 is good? is this wise step? there is no MLC only mere allegation without support of any eye witness. so what may be stand of case / what i need to as home work/ though case is false any how i want to win and thats why i am fighting to it.. counting every moments since last five years.. Experts suggestion are important for me and also their suggestion are the guidance for new lawyers here because we are truly working and struggling hard and are on truths wife side go for bribing and doing all bad tactics to get the case.