My wife abducted my daughter and could file false complaint against me and my family

Namaste 🙏, My wife and I are married for 3 years and we have a year old daughter. I live in Canada and I sponsored my wife to come to Canada to live together in 2016 after we got married. We have been living good and happy life except for few hiccups mainly her accusing my mother of ill treating her and having too much say in my life and that I listen to my mother too much and that she has too much say in my life. All the very common saas-bahu issues I read on internet. My parents don’t even live with me in Canada, they are in india but they were here with us in Canada when my daughter was born last year. Real issue : My wife and daughter went to India for vacation to see her parents. Plan was that I go to India later and they comes back with me. But she decided to find a job in Bangalore and stayed back, now she is working in Bangalore living with her mother and my daughter. My parents and I explained to her many times that its not a good idea and that our daughter is only a year old too young and needs both parents at this time. But she refused to understand saying it will be a good career move for her. Later after she started working in Bangalore, she started accusing me that because of me she is working in Bangalore and staying away, coz I don’t support her and that I always support my family and all that bull crap brining my mom again into the whole scenario that she is the main reason for my wife’s decision to be living like that. She has my daughter now and she keeps emotionally torturing me by not showing her when I call or by saying that I am not man enough to be taking care of my daughter and her responsibilities , although she is the one who abducted her from me. I have a strong feeling that she will file a false complaint against me and my family of under section 498 and cruelty. I have some of the recordings from our conversation with her and her mom but I don’t know if they are enough. How can I dodge this ball and get reunited with my daughter and keep my parents safe? She is using my daughter to mend things her way. Thanks you for taking the time out and reading this and thank you in advance for helping me out with any suggestions.