I am resident of Lalru. My son was married to her girl friend which was with her for the last 5 years. First one year, our daughter in law was good in her behaviour with us. But now after the birth of my grand daughter, the behaviour of my bahu has totally changed. I ,my husband and my son are always on our jobs. Our daughter in law stays at home. during the day she is always on telephone with her mother. She and her mother scolds to my complete family without any fault of ours. We have got some telephone recordings which clearly show that they both are busy on telephone and scolds my complete family including my son. They both use such baseless language against us. We are not interested to keep her in our house. Because we have come to know that they are having criminal case pending against them for the death of her father. I want to know whether the telephone recordings in our mobile will be useful for filing our case of divorce. She always black mails us that she will do suicide and forces us to send her to her mother's home. She does not even help in house chores.She also threatens that she will involve us in the dowry case. We have so many recordings in which she has used very ugly language against my complete family. We are so mentally upset that we are not in a position to think anything.