Family beat up, blackmailed and threatened by ex girlfriend.

My brother dated a girl for 7 years. About 1.5 years back, we told them to get married. She wasn't sure, ultimately about 8 months back she refused openly, abused my mother and myself nd said she wouldn't stay with us. My brother told her to end the relationship. But she kept in touch since she didn't mind dating even tho she knew by now we are looking for other girls for an arranged marriage for my bro. She and her mother said, it's ok, u can go ahead and marry someone else. Finally my brother completely broke off with her 4 months back and got engaged last month and all hell broke loose. She realised it's for real, not a threat to get her to agree to marry. She Came home with her parents nd 5 sisters, beat up my family members, and accused my brother of stealing her money ETC. A few days later, they went to the nengaged bride,s house and blackmailed them, showed my brothers intimate pictures to her family and told the, to call off the engagement or they would create havoc. After another few days, they went back there and beat thwm up and beat up the girl on the road. All this while, we were trying to stay away Since ppl advised us not to aggravate the issue since she bieng a girl could get away with false complaints and mess my brothers life Further. She called up my brothers office and accused him and got them upset with my brothers character. She backmailed us with their photos and personal emials in my brothers old is. After a month, my brother was in the area( we stayed there earlier and all our friend and relatives are there) they saw him and her family beat him up. Peopl are still advising us to not take legal action since laws are biased and it will end up is doing lot of police and court rounds for nothing. But I would like to know our options. can we file harassment law? Prove her accusations wrong and get a restraining order? fyi, we are a small family of three, I am the elder sister. My brother is an MBA graduate from UK and I am an architect, while my mom is a housewife. We are simple middle class people do not want to get involved in this, but there's seems to be no solution to protect ourselves. the ex girlfriend in question comes from a family who hasroof and history of violence, and harassing others, black money by gambling and fraud. plz advise. we are very desperate.thanks.