I have recently joined an It company.

I have recently joined an It company but i am working in Back office department as jr back end ass.At the time of joining they (Company) signed a bond letter which is on there company letter head and on the top of that it is written "This agreement is made on " Dated" at "location" between "Company name".(Hereinafter referred to as the "Employer") and My name (Hereinafter to as the "Employee").Both parties agree on the following: Some terms are as follows 1. Empoyee agrees to engage with employer for the period of 1 year starting from agreement date in case she or he wish to leave employer before that period,there has to be pay a payment of rupees 1,00,000 to be paid towards the employer. 2. Notice period is 60 days andnprobation period is 3 months. My question is that I have to leave this company because the work/process is more different for me. Extented shift timings No OT and not written on my offer/appoint ment letter. Attiration rate is more than 5(as per my notice ) Can I leave this company by sending my resignation letter by email to Hr can company sue me for the amount or its illegal. Advise me sir