Suspension of a Honest Junior Engineer

Dear Sir, I am Junior Engineer working in a Government Public Works Department in Srinagar Kashmir.Being Honest and dedicated to my job,my seniors( corrupt officers) are not happy with me. in short I have been placed under suspension for not compromising with my boss . case History is as under:- I prepared 2 no. of bills in which I recovered penalty from a contractor for pilfering the departmental material ( cement) in March 2013. these bills where illegally replaced by my A.E.E and the contractor was given un due benefit. now I was pressurized for changing some official records which I have recorded in M-Book against the contractor for which i refused. This refusal lead my suspension order which simply reads as :- Due to non-compliance of orders of higher authorities the J.E Qazi Fayaz Ahmad is placed under suspension till further orders. charge sheet has been framed in which I have been accused for not attending a meet with authorities. it is pertinent to mention that the said meeting was attended by my self, for that documental evidence was enclosed with the reply of charge sheet . Now I have filed a case in the office of the Hon'ble C.J.M and a compliant registered in the vigilance Deptt. for a fraud and harassment committed by my bosses. Can this un justified suspension will be quashed ... under what Section . kindly guide me in this regard Thanking You Your's Sincerely Qazi Fayaz Ahmad (Jr.Engineer) Srinagar,Kashmir