Termination of employment

Dear Sirs, I work for the reputed Construction Company at Bangalore, my service in this company is more than 6 years including probationary period. Now I have submitted my resignation on March 10th 2014 and asking me to relive my by 10th April 2014 as per the Terms mention in the agreement, So I requested my department Head and HR to relive me on April 10, 2014 and the balance shortfall of salary will be payable by me at the time of settlement as per the terms shown in confirmation letter. But they are refusing my request. Please find below terms of Termination of employment given in the agreement. “During the probationary period, either party will be entitled to terminate the contract of employment by giving one month’s notice in writing to the other. In the event of your giving a notice of termination shorter than the above period, the company shall have its own discretion to adjust any leave due to you or will recover from you such amount from your dues towards the shortfall in notice period. After confirmation, termination of employment by either party will be by giving a) One month’s notice if the length of service is less than Two years b) Two months’ notice if the length of service is more than Two years but less than three years; and c) Three months’ notice if the length of service is more than three years In writing to the other or salary in lieu thereof.”