Kotak Probationary Officer Program problems - please suggest

Hello, 1.)I wrote Kotak PO exam and got selected for PO(Probationary Officer) post.for this they were providing 9months class training from Manipal university and 3 months intership in branch. 2.)For this, kotak has given 3 lakhs personal loan and also collected 42,395 as service tax.forr this they have taken surety of my family member.for surety cheques are provided by us. 3.)During this training they gave 2250 as stipend and later in intership 18000/- and after that they made me permanent and gave the post as Relationship Officer(sales). After permanent, they were deducting 9350/- as EMI from my salary and I was getting 18000.- in hand. 4.)But due to my health issues i was not able to continue in the same post and also i wrote to HR for change of role and branch along with proper health documents submission , but I didnt get proper response. 5.)From past 1.5 months I am waiting for response from HR hence i am not going to office. 6.) So I am not able to pay EMIs .Hence the recovery department is calling me daily and threating me. 7)Also there is Arbitration clause in service agreement. 8) We are not financially sound, hence we cant pay the loan amount. hence how can I come out of it? Is there any alternative to overcome arbitration clause? In case of non-payment of EMI what will they do? are they going to file case aganist us?If so when?and what kind? Also if they give me change of role and branch.I am not willing to work. So how do I get out of it without affecting mine and my guarantor's cibil rate?