Anticipatory Bail

Hello Sir, My wife has filed 498a case against me, I am in the process of getting anticipatory bail, I have got the anticipatory bail. Can you advice as what should be my next step. I got married in 2012, We were living in Singapore after the marriage and came back to India in 2013. In the complaint she has mentioned that I had harassed and forced her to work which is false. Will this information take stand in the first place. Does the land of law holds here? As soon as I came to India, she wanted job since we were living in Bangalore I agreed. As soon as she got the job, she brings up pitty fight and we have been living separately until late 2014 almost a year. Then she agreed to apply for mutual divorce, after that she agreed to try and I believed and closed the case. Now 3 months she again ran off and is living with her sister and filed 498a case against me. Please let me know how can I fight this case, do I need to go for defamation case against her? I understand that 498a case should be squashed too. What is the process for this. If I were to go with lawyer based in Bangalore, India. Please can you let me know what is that your charge for the case.