What kind of cases I can file against builder in situation

For booking a flat I paid a big amount to builder by check (all white). Later I realized that builder's agreement have very bad terms and I can not do agreement/registration with him like that. He was/is not ready to change it. I am asking him to give my money back form last 1 year. Once he gave checks which bounced 3-4 times (insufficient funds). Later he was saying he will transfer online and didn't do that. I still have time for filing 138 because last time check bounced was on March 28th 2015. He is doing lot of illegal things in that project like adding loading area with carpet to sell. selling parkings, selling terraces etc..etc. I have proof of all these things. I have several recorded calls with builder. My questions... 1. Should I go to consumer court or civil court?? 2. Can I fight 138 in consumer court? 3. Can I bring stay on his entire project because he is selling same size flat to different people with different selleble area?? 4. Can I file case against both land owners (developers) and builders?? Thanks Yogesh