is my own phone conversation recording illegal?

I am an Indian citizen.our properties are in INDIA.Our house is in my grandmother's name & her 2nd son went to a notary public with a aged lady, claiming she is his mother & got a affidavit notarised saying "house is transffered to his name from his mother" in a 20 Rs. stamp paper. Actually my grandmother don't know this & she not went to that notary public & she not done signature on that stamp paper. Later we came to know about this & my grandmother filed a forgery,cheating FIR in police station aganist her son. Its under investigation. we got only xerox copy of that stamp paper from local panchayath ,where her son submitted that xerox copy, to them to make transffer procedures. I feel accused may be destroyed original stamp paper now. Now i checked this false notary matter with that concerned notary public by calling him on his cellphone & notary telling(lying) my grandmother only came & thats why he done the notary procedures/seal on that stamp paper. He also told,now the notary register which he need to maintain as per law in his office, was eaten by insects/cockroach.This phone call i recorded. Now i given a complaint as per notary acts aganist said notary to district court with a evidence of recorded conversation CD. 1. Is this my phone recording of my own conversation with this notary public is illegal or criminal offense? 2. If illegal any fine i need to pay? Or any imprisonment? 3. can this CD will be treated as evidence in court as per indian laws ?