cut in pension on conclusion of enquiry after retirement

I served the central government and retired in June 2014 on superannuation. I was issued chargesheet in the year 2007 for a matter relating to the year 1992. The enquiry officer was appointed in may 2014 and he started the proceedings in jyly and concluded in September 2014 and submitted his report in January 2015 to the HOD/DA. The DA imposed 10% cut in pension after giving personal hearing. My Question is, could such a cut may be imposed by the DA under CCS pension rules 9 (1)? It is also worthwhile to tell that apart from the cut, it has also been ordered to repay the amount of Rs 12000 received by me which was otherwise inadmissible. The passing authority and DDO was head of department. I had no role in defrauding the Government except to the extent that i submitted my medical bills of my mother who was family pensioner. The bills were subject to litmus test at the hands of pre-audit, audit, statutory audit, accounts officer and head of department. Apart from, there is inordinate delay in starting the enquiry after issuing the chargesheet. What is the status of my case meaning thereby, where do i stand in the eyes of law. Plz advice me. It is urgent. Regards