Regarding working hours of Female Bank Employee and transfers

My wife is working in a Public Sector Bank. I am working in Public Sector (Miniratna "B" category ) Company in Bangalore so she got transfer to Bangalore 6 months Back. We got Married in Dec-2014. But in Jan-2015 i got a chance for transfer to Delhi (which is near to my native i.e. Haridwar). But on my request it was stopped because could not leave my wife alone in Bangalore. Now in my Company, Management knows that i am not interested to go to delhi for 2 year because my wife got transfer just 6 months back. Prob. 1 : In my wife's office (which is a Public Sector Bank) work culture is totally different from what we normally see in Govt. Banks. Daily she is forced to sit in office till 8 pm atleast. One Day she was not well and had some serous prob (like health issue in women) and she applied for one day leave, that day also her manager called here and threatened her to attend office. After coming back from Hospital i dropped her to the office. Her officer who is incharge she was allowed to go on 1 week leave at the same time. That officer missed some file of tax related form of customer and she could not complete the work so they gave that work to my wife, even that file and that work was of that period when she was thr in this bank also. She tried her best without getting any proper support. Sometimes They call her on Holidays also to work at office. Officially Saturdays are Half day for PSB's but always she has to sit for full day in office. Every day she leaves from Office after 8 or 9 pm. Ques. 1 : Is there no rule regarding working hours for Female officers in Public Sector Banks ? Ques. 2 : What to do and where she can ask for help, when this kind of pressure from senior officers reaching to the level to harassment. Prob. : She came to Bangalore by getting transfer on her own request and i also denied for my transfer in my company. But still i have a chance and i can get transfer to Delhi, so she wants me to take transfer to Delhi so that she can also get transfer to Delhi. Question : Since she took request transfer just 6 months back, will it be possible for her to get transfer "back to Delhi or Haridwar" by any rule. As per the circular from Ministry of Finance dated 08-Aug-2014 , a women employee should be posted to the nearest location of her husband. Will they follow this rule again if i take transfer to Delhi. ? Please help me for this, i shall be highly thankful to you :-) Thank you