Got a notice for recovery of Articles, Dowry Amt and Maintenance

Married on 14 Nov 13. Blessed with Girl baby on 17th Nov 14. 498A was registered on 2nd March 15...Content in Compliant and FIR are I am abusing, beating and doubting my wife for which my parents used to support me. Moreover I am saying that the baby is not born to me. Charge sheet was filed in Court, will be knowing the contents of it in first week of may as it need to get numbered for getting the copy of it. I received a notice from my wife's lawyer stating the false allegations(I didn't take care of her, tried killing her, harassed her for giving birth to the girl child) and asking for recovery of her jewels, dowry and marriage expenses along with maintenance of 30K (20K for Wife+10K Daughter against my said salary of 1L, but my salary was 42K). Are they trying to seek divorce by asking the refund of dowry amt , marriage exp and so on. My lawyer advised me to file a divorce petition and get into divorce through Mutual Consent with one time settlement by contacting my wife's lawyer. Would that be a nice strategy....Please advise.