How to send summons or warrant to Australia

Dear Sir/Madam, I Sumana Mukherjee from West Bengal. I got married on 8th December 2010.The marriage was an arranged marriage.My husband is an Australian citizen(N.R.I) Soon after the marriage I understood the only motive of this marriage was to extract money from my father.Always my husband,my mother in law ,father in law,sister in law and her husband taunted me that I am not upto the mark for their family and they feel ashamed to recognise me as a housewife and always spoke ill about my family. After our marriage my husband refused to stay with me and did not take any responsibility.he started forcing me to leave him when I refused to do so he started abusing me mentally and physically. After only 10 days of our marriage he went alone to Australia and after departure of my husband the torture upon me by mother in law and sister in law increased day by day, they threatened me to leave my matrimonial home.They said my husband would never return and marry a well to do foreign lady in Australia and my husband also used to call to leave his house but when I refused to do so my in-laws started torturing me mentally and physically.On 19.05.2011 both my mother-in-law and sister in law assaulted me with fist blows and throttled me with an attempt to kill me, but any how I saved myself by entering in a room and locking it. After the incident I am living at my paternal home but suddenly my husband called me and threatened that he has filed a divorce case against me in the Australian Family Court and I came to know from the website of Family court of Australia,that he had already got an ex-parte divorce decree although the marriage had taken place in India.Now my husband is not interested to to give me alimony, I have filed a case u/s 125 for my maintenance. An order for payment of maintenance of Rs.10,000/- p.m. passed by the A.C.J.M Court of Chandannagore(West Bengal)( order dt:19.07.2013).Since then not a single penny has been paid by my husband or by any in-law on his behalf. For procuring the maintenance allowance I have filed an Execution Case but to no good. Pertaining to realization of maintenance allowance, Warrant of Arrest has been issued for enforcing the payment of maintenance but it is also fruitless till date.In these circumstances I want to know the correct procedure of sending Summons or Warrant to abroad (Australia) Please help me at your earliest. Thank you.