Hi, I need some suggestions on family dispute. I’m married for 6years with a kid (4Year old). We both are working and are financially independent – my wife bought the house where we live before our marriage and she literally told me this many times (Saying I don’t have anything – or – I’m nothing, literally). We do not have any re'lation from last 2years and living like strangers in same house. Base line of problem between us: My wife wants me to leave my parents and brothers family and live with her and listen to her parents for any financial or any other decision – additionally, she wants me to take care of all the expenses and when we discuss savings then she tells me that you didn’t save anything and all the savings she has belongs to her and I can’t take any decision on that money – the financial decision maker in our family is my father-in-law. My parents stayed with me for around 1yr 8months when my kid was born to take care of him – she decided to put him in day care and asked my parents to leave. It’s been more than 2yr she didn’t allow my son to meet my parents. On the top – she keeps threatening me of Domestic Violence case whenever we have heated discussion. Yesterday, her father threatened me to Dowry case mentioning that he will put me, my parents and my brothers family (Staying in US – from last 4years) behind the bars if I don’t listen to them. I might sound fool in this situation but I’m staying in that house because of my Son only.. and was trying to improve our relation. Now I reached my limit and want to file divorce case (Which she is not agreeing to – so it’ll not be a mutual agreement situation). I even suggested to call all the relatives and sort it our for once or even go to a marriage counsellor but they are not in agreement with any of this - probably internally they know who is wrong. I want a separation but need the permission to meet my son - I know it would be very difficult to take the custody. I can separate up any time now but if I do so without court's permission to meet my son then My wife and her family will not allow me to meet my Son AT ALL.... Please suggest on how to proceed in this case. Thanks! Jatin