Sir, Around two years back my father in Law told he wants to give some property to his daughters ( he has got one son aprat from two daughters), for that he brilliantly managed to make his apply for loan of 40 Lakhs in his daughter's name and also including his son, but he made my wife the 1st person for loan payment (my wife is the eldest) while other daughter and son are the 2nd and 3rd respectively... he put rest of the money ( around 35 lakhs to buy a plot of 2700 sft and registered that in his daughters and sons name... but he made his daughters to repay the loan equally every month... but around 6 months back he wanted to give that plot for a joint venture so he wanted us meaning my wife to repay her part of 20 lakhs immediately so that aggrement can be made to the builder. so me and my wife arranged the loan amount of 20 Lakhs ( my wife's part). Now while making an aggrement all the three ( my wife, her sister and her brother) signed. now i got to know that even her bother's name was included while doing the registration of the plot... now iam confused how the that particular property will be divided since i and my wife have already paid 20 lakhs + intrest... builder will get 4 houses and these guys will get four houses... now my father in law telling a partition deed has to be made... initially he told it is a gift he wants to give and now we have paid and he has made a property taking our money also... without his son paying he is a party to it... how should we go about it... pl advice