Harassment by father in law

I got married in 2009; our marriage was arranged by our parents. We decided to live separately after 5 years of staying with my father in law and mother in law because of unbearable dominance. My father-in law tells my husband to leave and divorce me, and he will correct everything. Point to be noted is my husband is very practical and he will never leave me. But the harassment and physical abuse now and then they are giving to my husband is affecting our daily life. Some day he will call asking money, some day he will ask to give back the entire amount he spent for my husband's education....like this no limits for reason. And along with him, my father-in law always talks about me being unchaste for his son and separating us asking my hubby to marry some better girl. My question is what I can do with this type of person want complete legal advice...me and my husband don’t want a single rupee from them....we will earn by our own. But if they keep on doing these things some one day my patience level will break.....what I can do that day??? Also he sent legal notice to us saying they need maintenance when my hubby earn only 5000 a month they sent in the notice that they are getting mentally tortured as we are not allowing them to meet our children. In this case can we go out of the country and settle down... What if he files some fake criminal cases against us in order to bring us back to the country and continue his torture to divorce us...?