Neighbour nuisance : Caterer kitchen in Residential Area

Hello Team, Good Morning, We are resided in Ejipura , a total residential area were right next to our House there is a House let out for caterer kitchen where from morning 4am to night 11PM noise , Oder, Oily fumes, due to greasy cooking the let out washed water is passing via our house entrance. Another main issue is with loads of Pests(Rats,bandicoots) blocking the sanitary cambers, and menace once the Caterer Kitchen has been started. Owner who has let out has also not shown any response for our concerns nor the Caterer manager. The food cooked in open road were dogs and pests are openly in contact the same food is served clearly packed to some Software companies. Which is another concern of health hazards to the one who consumes the unhygienic food. We request you to advice if any provision in law or any board / Department were we can complain this issue to have this menace. I request to advice so that we can take the right action before its too late. Kindly advice if any further information or evidences which we have to collate before we proceed with the action. Thank you, Have a great day. Regards, Sridhar. V