will probate

Respected Sir i need your valuable legal advise and suggestion by way of Muslim Personal law and Indian law on, That A muslim widow lady made a registered last \"WILL\" of only her name\'s property (not her late husband\'s property)in favour of their two daughters and one daughter\'s son (Naati \"Nawasa\") against \"KHIDMATGUJARI AND FARMABARDARI\"(may be called gift) before 10 days of her death.(as she has Two Sons and Two daughters) That,her elder son by profession an Advocate who leave house 12 years ago by keeping their parrents alone and shifted another place with thier wife after marriage. That,Now elder SON has challenge his mother\'s last \"WILL\" in the district court by showing 14 years old six pages written sign stamp paper of Rs,2/- each where he was earlier taken parrents signature and given name \"PANCHAYATNAMA\" where he is owner of all property of parrents. So,request you kindly provide me legal advise by way of Law with necessary suggestion for the above. And hope for a earliest reply from your end. Thanking You With regards Allah Hafiz Aatiya Khatoon