About my pending case 498a and 304b

1. After my marriage she lives in her parents’ house Arani (Tamilnadu) since she interested to study in teacher training. 2. She never came to my parents living house and myself i am working in Chennai. 3. After my girl baby porn also she never come to my house even she not interested to come to live with me in Chennai also. 4. Finally we sent advocate notice to her for come to my parents’ house to stay some time. 5. She never agree to that. 6. Meanwhile they used their power and they involved all women police to put 498a case. 7. To avoid that i fill AB in high court and court will send for mediation, after mediation failed and we got AB and we completed the AB process. 8. After i have applied for divorce in my nearest court in Chennai. 9. After she made suicide in her home by hanging in cable wire. 10. They family fill the case for my whole family in 304b case. Because of that we went up to suicide level. i never lived with her even continuously 10 days also. And she never come to my parents’ house also even single day. We have exchange of advocate notice and meditation disposal copy. But police never investigated or don't ask any single question also with us,me my mother and father was in prison 23 days. After we got condition bail. Now the case is pending. So please guide me how i will prove my innocent and how I will secure my family.