Propery division

Mine grandfather has died leaving behind a property which is not segregated. He has 13 children who are the owners of the property now, one of it is my father. My father is trying to distribute the property among all equally and had a meeting on this with all the members. Everyone is willing except one, as per the members they are ready to give their share to my father for exchange of money (i.e. the owner will be solely my father). The one who is exceptional needs a part of land on the property for which my father is ready to, but the complication comes over there. The once who need the land needs it on his desired location which is not accepted by any members of the family. Can you advise how to convince him to get a land in my father’s desired location? The reason behind giving fathers desired location is because the land lies in such a place where the exceptional member needs the part of land which is the entrance of the house, so if that particular location is given to the member and if he tries to sell the land, it will create many complications for us as it’s the main entry point to the house. All the family members have agreed to give a desired location in the backyard of the house, where in no one has any kind of trouble even if he / she sell the land.