Wife filed crpc 125 after staying away for 2 yrs

My wife is too much career-focused (she has done MBA); and also has a nasty and compulsive habit of telling lies. The main reason for our fights was difference of opinion and interests; and also her aforementioned habits. Also, she used to spend 10-12 hrs daily in office, and didn't have much time to pay attention to marital life. And these fights were almost daily. Finally, I got fed up of the daily fights, and called her parents over to my home and discussed the matter along with my parents. Her parents asked me to give it one more try, and asked my wife to stop coming home late. But she still didn't listen, and kept coming late. After a month, I asked her parents to come over again to discuss this. This time when they came (Feb 2013), they didn't talk to me at all, and packed up my wife's belongings and told my parents that they were taking her to Nasik. But the fact was that my wife had already rented a flat in Powai by that time, and she started living there. Now, she has been staying away from her matrimonial house for more than 2 yrs. In this duration, my parents and I tried to talk to my wife and her parents to come forth to discuss the matter, but they kept refusing to do so. I even met up with my wife at her Powai residence during this period to discuss this matter. On one occasion, her father threatened my father on the phone saying that he was going to take legal action against me. Even my wife had once said during our conversation (during the separation period) that even she thought that we should file for a divorce, but her father was not ready for that yet. She said whenever she started this topic with her father, he always said "What's your hurry?". Her father is just being vengeful towards me and wants to teach me a lesson. He just wants to waste as many years of my life as he can, and my wife might probably be more focused on the monetary gain. In Oct 2014, I finally sent her a notice through my lawyer, stating the honest reasons for our fights (difference of opinion and interests), and requested her to come forth to discuss the matter in the interest of peacefully resolving it. She replied to that notice accusing me of Domestic Violence and cruelty. But in this notice they did mention that her parents took her away due to the daily quarrels that were happening. I replied to this notice, denying those charges, and requested them for a peaceful discussion. In return, she changed her lawyer and this time, sent her notice through new lawyer only to accuse me of DV, Dowry (new allegation, which was NOT present in their first notice) and cruelty. Also, in this notice, now they said that I threw her out of the house in just a single pair of clothing. I again replied denying all charges and requested her to come forward for discussions. After this, she has filed case in Nasik court for maintenance u/s CrPC 125, in which she states that she is not working anywhere and also stated many other false things like DV, Dowry etc. But I believe that she is working somewhere. Because a career-focused woman like her won't stay at home. I have filed a divorce petition after this. My queries are as follows:- >> Can she claim maintenance after staying on her own for over 2 yrs? >> Can she claim maintenance if she is working? >> Can she claim maintenance even though she lied about being currently unemployed? >> Can she claim maintenance against DV & Dowry allegations even though she stayed away from her matrimonial house for over 2 yrs? >> What will be the best strategy for getting a divorce, taking least monetary damage? Any suggestions/strategies/citations that you can give to help me make my case stronger will be appreciated. Thanks.