Provision of dowry act in case of death of my wife during treatme

I got married on 29/11/11 and had a son of 2.5 yrs. My wife (died on 12th Mar 15) was having a compliant of swelling and pain on her right let near ankle since 10/11/14 i have started her treatment immediately w.e.f. 13/11/14 (my father died on 5th Nov 14 and all rituals and we were busy in doing all rituals for my dad still we managed to take her to Dr) Since 12th Nov 14 till 2nd Feb 15 We have consulted 3 Ortho Doctor, 1 neoro Dr. 1 Homeopath Dr, acupressure treatment was also going on simultaneously but no body was able to diagnose the problem. As my in laws are also from the same city and they were aware of everything since beginning.I had taken all neccesary steps suggested by Dr / her family etc. on 2nd Feb (on request of her brother) we consulted a Dr who is the head of medicine Deptt at RIMS, Ranchi. He has done lots of test and on the basis of result he concluded that she is having problem of Arthritis and written medicines accordingly for 1 month. On 15th Feb 15 her brother came and took her (with mutual consent) along with my son to their home for rest purpose. From their home they her treatment with Maulbi and started visiting at Majhar for JHAR - PHUK purpose that too in empty stomach. during this period she had complaint of loose motion and started loosing interest in foods. She consulted Dr over phone but Dr said that medicines are bit hard so she has to manage it and she continued. From 22nd Feb 15 she reported swelling and red color on her right leg below ankle along with frequent fever. They tried to contact Dr but he was out of tation till 26th Feb they neither took her to any other Dr. nor reported the same to me (she has also kept it hidden from me). They visited Dr on 26th Feb 15 (till that she was on the same condition as she was on 22nd Feb 15). Dr advised for x ray and some test which on 27th Feb 15 revealed that there was pus in the stone in the area of swelling and had doubt of bone TB suggested immediate operation of the same and referred to A ortho Surgeon. My inlaws contact me informed regarding Dr.'s finding. I asked my big B to go see and handle the situation at Ortho clinic (my office is approx 20 KM far from city). He went their and discussed the situation with Dr and her attending brother and updated me that we have to go for operation within 2-3 days. I discussed the problem with my wife and decided to go for the best ortho surgeon in the City. I took his appointment for 28th Feb 15. He also said that we have to go for operation. I along with my family decided to admit her immediately but her brothers forced to not to admit here as they had committed other Dr for operation. 1st Mar was Sunday we admitted her at ortho clinic as per the wish of her brother. (i had taken leave from office from 28th Feb and stayed with my wife through out her treatment). She got operated on 3rd Mar 15. According to Dr every thing was successful but she reported swelling and pain in her stomach from 3rd Mar 15 night. Dr guessed that it is problem of gas due to anesthesia and given medicines of gas but no improvement in swelling in stomach. Dr stopped giving meal from mouth and started salines. Dr Discharged her on little improvement on 5th Mar evening withe advise and medicines related to gas. we went to my inlaws house medicines were not giving any relief to her. We could not consult any Dr on 6th full day (holi) but consulted duty dr at same clinic at evening. No Improvement. We decided to go for a through check up with gynacologist and given her Dr's No to my brother in law for next day consultation ( i was on leave and at inlaws home since 28th so decided to start office) but again they took her to the same clinic and consulted gen physician over there. On they found in ultrasound that there was a swelling in her gal bladder and her BP was also low 90/70. Dr advised to admit her again under Dr supervision. I came to know and reached their and requested my Brother in law to consult some specialist at any other hospital as it was a ortho clinic but he forcefully admitted her their. We had a hot discussion for the same and from their our relationship got spoiled they threatened me to see if some thing happen to her sis. (before that everything was ok they were very happy with me and my family). her condition got worst on 8th morning and she has to go for another operation by 4 pm (for gal bladder) after operation Drs cirmed that opertion was succesful but there was a leakage in her gal bladder and toxic may create problem. On 11th Mar evening she was absolutely ok and Drs were planning to shift her to general ward from ICU and next day discharge but unfortunately on 12th Morning approx 5 AM i got a call from hospital that again her BP fall down at dangeruos level as well as her respiratory system collapsed. She was on venti till 6:30Pm and died. After her death my in laws started shouting and fighting with me and claimed that i had killed her. Another story apart from above is one of my cousin got married with one of her brother on 21st April 14 and they were regularly torturing her (we had 3 family meeting for the same during this period) they after creating scene at hospital they threatened us for killing my cousin and went back to their home. With help of police we rescued her from their and now she is not ready to go back there. We had also lodged a complain for what ever happened at hosital. Now they are giving threatening that they will file a case against us for torturing my wife. Pls suggest can they do this and if they file a case then what should we do. They have not done anything till today.