Harassment from Wife Parents

Dear Sir, Last Year in March I have got married. Mine is a joint family consists of mom,father & my sister. Ours is a middle class family. Situations forced me to do job at the age of 18. Since from that time i have been taking care of all my family responsibilities. My sister who is elder than me have been divorced 10 years back.She is also staying with me. But she is in depression after that. I though that who ever comes to share my life,I Should convey them priory that my parents & sister are going to stay with me even after marriage. Those who are willing they only can approach like this i have decided & the same thing I have conveyed to my wife's parents before marriage. In the beginning they said I am very honest as most of the people never share such kind of information before marriage.Our Life started.In the beginning it went well. But later I noticed some changes in my wife's behavior which are due to the influence of her mother.Now we are in a situation that her parents screwed her mind like if my parents are going to stay with me they are not willing to send her to my home. Recently I had a baby also.They have been told that she can go with some legal proceedings if am not listening to her words. My wife totally changed & she also in turn started harressing me by saying that i will give divorce if you are not supporting me..like that she started. Her parents are arguing with my parents & my sister too for silly things intentionally. Her mother wants me to be under their control by avoiding all my relations. If not she is ready to break our relation & will take some legal action. Now they become such a ruthless they didn’t want my parents to stay in the same city separately. They want to go to my home town in which I don’t have any house & all. I have given so much counseling to my wife. But she is not turning to my side. Please suggest me what to do..day by day situations becoming worse. I donn want to break my relation as we are having a kid. Please suggest.