Broker not refunding token amount

I had paid Rs. 20,000 as token to Sarvana (Real Estate Broker) to book one apartment: DSR Woodwinds (1101) on rent - I had found this AD on Magicbricks. However, after receiving token amount, he was not ready to execute agreement unless I pay another Rs. 50000 for deposit. I was not ready to pay more amount before looking at rental agreement as we may not agree to some terms and conditions (I had raised issues for draft agreement anyway). So, we decided to cancel the deal mutually and he had told that he will refund all token money. However, after cancellation, he is not responding to my calls and messages and not doing refund. I have contacted owner of the apartment also multiple times and she has asked this broker to refund token amount but he is not doing it. Let me know how I can get it back. I only have proof of my token amount payment as NEFT transaction screenshot and some discussions which happened on WhatsApp - but nothing in written as deal was cancelled before agreement was executed.