My sister's husband files false case under section 307

Please help us. My sister got married on Dec13. From march 14 the boy left his job and asked for money to setup new business. My father is a retired person and was not able to give any money. Then my sisters husband refused to talking with my sister and to continue the husband-wife relationship, His parents also supported him. Then they managed to drive out my sister from home. My sister did not receive any communication from her husband for last 3 months. Now my sisters in-laws and her husband plots a fake case of attempt to murder case against my sister, my parents. My father is 64 years old and heart patient. They have met in the market where my sisters husband started using abusive word , then started pretending ill and went to hospital. Then they have filed FIR in police station. We doubted that they have managed the hospital doctor for false medical report and local police. As we know nobody from my family hurt him , then how he can be injured. Please help us , give your valuable advise. Our lawyer says getting bail will take 1-2 months time and all that time we need to be under ground. We are middle class family , got very scared. Kindly help us.