Divorce on basis of suicidal tendencies

Hi, This is a query on behalf of my friend ( Rahul - for illustration purpose only) He got married in August 2013 to an educated women (Seema). But right after marriage he got to know that she gets angry for all petty issues like rahuls mother should not ask her to work and prepare food and should not stay with them etc. Once there was a quarrel after which seema banged her head to wall 7 times and then asked rahul to take away the mangalsutra so that she can go back to her parents. This is when rahul got scared and started recording all the quarrel which has happened till date (there were 18 big quarrels till date ). Everytime fight happens , rahul has to go to seemas native and beg her to come back. but she comes only when rahul agrees that it is his mistake and also rahul has to promise for taking her out everyday for food as she is not interested in cooking. Life went as usual when there was recent fight after which seema threatened rahul that once rahul goes to office seema would leave the house and would not be reachable to anyone. Because of these tensions rahul is not able to concentrate on work and also the best he tries to compromise the same is not reciprocated by seema. Now Rahul wants divorce because he does not want to take the risk of leaving seema alone where she can do anything to her self and then entire blame will be put on Rahul. Now I would like to know from experts that in this country where most of the laws are favorable to women, is it possible to get divorce if Rahul files for one. and also what are the precautions to be taken so that he does not become victim