signature forgery

My husband placed 20 lakhs on my name when we were together as fixed deposit and i am the sole owner of the FD, we had a marital issue and he filed a divorce and forged my signature and took all the money without my consent, i have filed a 468,471,420 case on him and the forged documents are about to be sent to forensic. private forensic has already identified it as a forgery but police don't take this into consideration. I suppose this is a very serious offence, my question is will he get away by simple fine if he proves that the money he took is his and he placed the money on my name as i am his wife? does he have a right to take the money though the source of the income is himself? can i claim that money to be mine as i have a 3 yrs daughter and he doesn't want to pay any maintainence ? will his lawyer save him from punishment if he can prove that the source of money is his? will i get back the money from him at all ? should i put a civil case on him or on the bank for getting back the money?