Divorce on basis of cruelty

Sir / Ma'am, I got married in June 2011, after 20 days of marriage my wife attempted for suicide by hanging herself. During 20 days of marriage she was all aloof and we didn't have any physical or emotional connection. I and my family admitted her to hospital. She was struggling for life in hospital for 2 months and I was all restless, in pain for her and curious to know why she has done that. Later on through few relatives, I and my family came to know that she had an affair of 7 years with a guy before marriage, which she never told and she was forced to marry me by her parents against her will. To which her family refused to agree and her family wanted her to die as now everyone knew about her affair and it affected their image. Her family wanted her to die without her statement and all the allegations should come on me for her suicide attempt. But by the god's grace she came out of comma after 2 months and when I went to see her she said "I don't want you, I want to go to my ex”. As she didn’t wanted to continue with me and after knowing all the facts I decided for getting divorce. When she recovered I left her in hospital telling her parents, you can take your daughter home. I filed for divorce for cruelty in June 2012 after a year of marriage which took another 6 months for all the procedures. Now since then I am struggling for getting divorced. My advocate filed the application to which her family and her advocated dint accepted. The girl is missing and no one knows where she is. Since 2.5 years a new application filing and their reply over it for not accepting the truth is going on and my case is not moving ahead. Trails have not started yet. Came to know from people that her ex got married to someone else and no one knows where she is. Also any divorce case is between a husband and the wife but here the wife is missing. Please advise me what I should do to get divorced as soon as possible without giving any alimony as she ruined my life without any mistake of mine. I cannot marry anyone else also till I get a divorce. I have already wasted 4 crucial years of my life in all this matter. I am 34 almost and she is 27 years old. She holds a MCA degree and use to work before marriage and is eligible to work and earn for herself. Can I have point against her that 1. She left me after marriage as she wanted to go back to her ex. Also after leaving me she dint appeared since 3 years and 9 months. 2. On basis of cruelty 3. Hiding fact that she was having an affair of 7 years before marriage. On this basis can I get a divorce? What should I do so that the trials will get started and she should appear and accept the fact. How the trials will get started soon?