Person not giving way to go to my home in villlage

Hi, My house is in a village in basti district in uttar pradesh. I have rebuilt my old house on my ancestral land in the village where my earlier home used to be. My uncles home is infront of our home and the way towards my house passes through his area of house. Uncle is the son of my grandfathers brother. Since all these years he didnt wished and didnt wanted my family to grow. But even after all the problems that he gave to my family, i have overcomed it through my hard work and dedication in studies and right now i am working. I have built my house but everytime he threatens that i will block the way towards your home as u cannot go through my land. The land on which his home is built also doesnt belonga to him. There was a big lake at that place and he acquired the lake,filled it with soil and silt and made his house there. This was done many years back. It is a open space in front of his house and no construction is there in it. But still he is not happy to give way. He even planted some small plants to block the way and also acquired some space by putting iron tins on a angled structure. I want to file a case against him in court but dont know in what sections and how to go about. Also can such cases be filed against a person and what are the chances of justice. I am very much upset with all these things. For the whole life he didnt helped me and now he cant see me growing and i have never done any harm to him but know i think i should not tolerate.