criminal case against Vice Chancellor of a State University

The pension fund (of Rs. 143/- by the end of December 2012) in Annamalai University, since 2002, had grossly been mismanaged and misappropriated by the University Administration, resulting in no money in the Pension Fund Account. This has been revealed by the Audit Reports since 2002. Now we have preferred to file a criminal complaint with Police for the mismanagement and Misappropriation of the Statutory Public Fund (pension fund) under sec. of Breach of Trust, misappropriation and Cheating, against the Vice Chancellors (Chairman of Syndicate), the Registrars (Secretary of Syndicate) the Members of Syndicate and the Finance Officer, who served during the period of pension fund misappropriation. I would like to seek advice as to whether it is necessary to seek permission from State Government/ State Governor (Who being the Appointing Authority of the Vice Chancellor) to file the criminal case against the Vice Chancellors Hopping to get the advice. Please guide me to get relevant Court Orders. with warm regards Sincerely Prof. P. Elango General Secretary Annamalai University Pensioners Association Annamalai University, Chidambaram 608002 Tamil Nadu state email: [deleted]