need help

Hi every one I need a suggestion from you all ,I have been falsely accused in rape case (u/s 376,406,292(2),504,506 of IPC R/W see 67 OG I.T ACT) I was arrested in feb 2015 and I am out on bail now. Informant and I was in relationship from December 2013. she is married her age is around 38 and have one son of age 12yrs . His husband get to know about our relationship in sep 2014 .he keep quite he don't take any action till 2 month .as soon as he manage to sold all his property as we were staying in the same building he ran away from their along with his wife.. as she told me his husband was forcing her to file a rape case against me but she denied to him. She knows that the relationship was consensual As we staying on the same floor what happen one day her wife came to me and she was saying me to transfer some amount from his husband international account to his NRI account as his husband is busy all day so I know how to use net banking so she give me all the detail in writing all his card no, cvv,ssn no and all his registered e mail id ,she provided me every detail which I transfer 7 lack to his husband account only in India and she withdraw the 7 lack and his husband knows that .. Now he file a case of 420,406,34 in the month November 2014 this is my first case because he was knowing that I transfer the amount as her wife denied to file rape case against me .so we both were arrested and send to jail because I was having evidence that she has told me to transfer and I have every thing in her own writing so she became 1st accused and I was 2nd accused I was in jail and pc all together 10days ...and came out on bail now I taught everything is settle now and his wife stop all contact with me and even I was not in contact with her on 23 jan 2015 I got notice from family court and in that I was respondent no 2 and her wife was respondent no 1 ..i don't know what happen after this all his family member pressure informant to file case against me or his husband will gave divorce to her ..i think because of that she files a false case against me ...their marriage life was not so good they both use to fight a lot and his husband use to doubt on her and all she registered a case against his husband only ..she told me one day it has been registered in xyz police station with the help of RTI we got everything ..its was written like this ..1)informant said to police he makes a video of mine ,2)he force me to sleep with his friends 3)he force me to drink, 4)he shows pornography to me all this thing was their in the complaint ...i don't know when she complaint but when I seen it was in the moth of sep 2014 only As informant family was knowing about our relationship….and informant mom has given in writing that she has a relation with me they try to make her understand but she don't listen to anyone this all paper I got from that FIR she did against his husband in sep 2014 and in the first case also his husband mention that we were in relation ,informant love me and she wants to stay with me and she her self agree in the first case that she loves me and in divorce petition her son has given statement in writing that her mom was having relation with me and I use to stay in their home in the absence of his father ...i never force her to keep relation with me it was with mutual understanding then why she did like this