regarding bigamy

I married in 2000. I got one child baby boy of age 15 yrs.After my marriage i found that my wife does not willing to stay with me, she left my home when my child was 3yrs. after a gap of 4 yrs i broght her back in 2007. Again she started troubling me and left my home charging false allegation. In 2012 on verbal agreement of my first wife, my in laws and brother inlaws i married 2nd time without divorce. Now my 1st wife file case of DVA, Bigamy And Maintainance In Bandra Family Court. She Harrashed Me Lot I just Married To take care of my child. In the Meanwhile i came to know that my wife was having extra martial affair with one muslim guy. i caught that guy he agreed in the court that he was having sexual relationship with my wife and also he submitted love letter of my wife written to him. And he said that it was fullproof planned of my first wife to capture all my properties and also i got 5-6 eye witness those who know the affair of my wife. My st wife blackmailing me either go to jail for 7 yrs in case of bigamy or give her all my propertis. So i want to how can i survive fromm all her allegation like DVA,,Dowery.And maintaince claime by her. I want to know her boyfriend statement and her loveletter will do in court.