Met With An Accident. Mine is car and the other is Bike

Sir - I was driving my car near center median and it is Chennai - Bangalore Highway. I am from Chennai and the other from Kanchipuram.Accident happened in Kanchipuram. There is no option to cross the road and the bike suddenly came in front from left to right in same direction. There was no gap in between us. Initially he hit my co-driver door and due to his rash driving, he turned in front of my car and fell down on the windshield. Glass injury and he was not in conscious. I stopped my car and tried to wake him. He was not able to get me. Soon we sent him to hospital in ambulance. Police asked me to go and said the issue is with that bike person. So i went and next day i came to police station and asked. Before i come, FIR was filled against me and they mentioned as "Bike was moving in front of car and i was driving in over speed and me only dashed him.". This is truly wrong statement they mentioned in FIR. I asked the SI on this and he said that, this is just an formality and nothing else and they asked me to sign in. I was cornered by police and finally they made me to sign. Crime number: 341 and section under 279/337. I am not aware of these things. The bike person is now in hospital and police said, he is okay now. My question is, bike came from left to right and he is responsible for it. He was not wearing helmet also. To cross the road, he need to go more 2 KM to put U turn and to avoid this, he tried to climb on the median where the people in that area created a very small passage. Even police said, because of that passage, many accident is happening. Why should i punished / pay fine / and more.? They are not at all taking the case in right direction? What will be the issues coming? Will this affect my carrier? My car is now damaged heavily. I need to bare amount for that also. Mostly i need to spend 50K min. Because of him, do i need to spend these amount? Please advise sir.