Salary issue

I was working at GLOBAL since 6th Feb 2014 as a Front Desk Executive. This is to inform you that from February 18, 2014, my daughter is unwell. She is suffering from Jaundice. On February 19, 2014 I gave this information to Ms. Jessi and informed her of my leave. Again on Feb 20, 2014 I couldn’t come to office, as my daughter needed me at home, I informed Ms. Kratika about this. On Feb 22, 2014 I received a call from Ms. Kratika mentioning that if I do not join the office back, they will find a replacement for me. I do understand that my unplanned leave of absence must have created problems in office, but being a mother I had to take care of my daughter as well. Since then I have been trying to contact Ms. Kratika but every time I get a response that she is unavailable. I had a medical emergency at home and my daughter needed my immediate attention. Now the office is not releasing my salary for the 13 days I worked. I understand that my leave ofabsence was unplanned but I didn’t resign from the company on my own will, I was willing to join back once my daughter’s health improved. But before I could convey this to the office I was told that they are looking for a replacement. This discontinuation of employment was kind of imposed on me. My daughter is still unwell, I would request the management to kindly release my salary, so that I can use that money for her treatment. I am sure being a parent you would understand my concern.