Can the society charge for back dated parking bills ?

Sir I am staying in an apartment for the last 4 years. While I have only one car park as per the rental agreement, I have 2 cars and when I discussed with he society about the charges they said the same would be 1k per month and I paid the same for 3 months. Post this I was told to hold paying the charges as they were allocating slots and so on. Now the next I hear from them is after 4 years saying that I have to pay all dues. This is in spite of them not raising the bills till date. Now during this period my car also had damages due to tree residue , children playing where in I had to replace my wind shields. As a tenant I have not gone back to the society on this damage issue and raised bills. Today out of the blue isince there is a new committee is it right for the society to raise back dated bills and say that they cannot be held responsible for damages of the car?. Should it not be that since they raise back dated bills for 4 years I could also pay the differential ( bills less costs of damage) and close this issue?