salary withhold

Hi, I am working in a healthcare BPO in Chennai. I took informed leave for a period of 7 days, due to a personal emergency during the end of Mar15 and reported to office on 31st Mar15. However my salry was withheld by my management and still not credited which usually gets credited by the end of every month. When i checked with my team management they says its the decision of the HR and HR says uts the decision of team mangement. I ran between all the ends to make them understand that i reported to office. It seems that they are penalising me for taking long leave and that's the reason that they are gooing to release my salary by 10th April. Due to my salary not credited on time, I have to pay penal charges for telephone bills, bank credit dues, etc. I am going through a lot of pain and agony. If holding salary is legal in India, can I sue my company for the pain that I am undergoing. Please advise on how to do and what are the legal opportunities awailable for me for my grievances. Thank you.