How to file a compliant against Software Piracy but I am not the copyright Owner ?

Dear Advocates, I have purchased Software's from the Software developers and got the permission to do the business. But in my city the same business is run by so many people(15 business) but they are using the pirated versions software and the logos of software developers because of this my business is losing so much of money and the client in this we need to give certification to the client but even pirated users are using the software developers logo in there certification because of this i have already lost more than 50L because of them i even informed the software developers and send the mail so many times to Developers and distributors but they not taking any action against this pirated users but they have given me license to do so i need to file a police compliant and legal case for my money as Compensation from pirated/Software Developers/Distributors (after info not taking any action) because of this so many client don't get valid skills and jobs. I tried to file a police complaint but police told that need to be given by copyright owner only but i bought the license from copyright owner and losing money 1 who is not even having a license is making money I want to know how to file a compliant in police station & under which section? How to file a case for my Compensation? and which section?