law for IPC 354a and d

Sir there is a man name Umesh Vasantrao Mane also staying near my house, Sir from last so many years whenever my husband goes to office and my children goes to school , he use to come near my house and used to sit there and tease me , stare at me and used to pass comments, I also informed this to his wife but there was no change in him, there are other ladies also whom he had troubled but everyone says that who is going to go against him since he has political background ( His father was Corporator in the past). Sir I used to avoid going out whenever he was there, but six months back he had started giving very bad comments on me and I could not tolerate this and informed my husband and we decided that this kind of wrong doing must be stopped, for the protection of womens in the society and to lodge police complaint, and on 17th June 2013, we went to police chowky to lodge the complaint, but some of the prominent persons from political party came and assured us that you don’t file police complaint against him and we will ensure that it will not happen to you again. After some time he again started doing this, whenever I use to go for a walk or to drop or collect my child from rickshaw/ van of school or to purchase some house hold things, many a time he used to be with his friend and use to point at me and my home and used to pass bad comments, and on Wednesday we decided that there seems to be no improvement in him and again we have to approach the police for help and we went to police chowky and we were asked to wait since there was no officer, at about 11.30 am one of the police men came and asked us to go to police station and meet Mr. Bendre , when we went there this person Umesh vasantrao mane was already there , then Mr. Bendre called us and asked us to expain what happened and we explained him all the things in detail in writing, and also asked him to check that he had already had record in police and then police found that there are other complaints in his name and after verifying about his character registered an Fir, under section 354 A and 354 D, Sir I am getting pressure to leave my house and relocate somewhere else and also to withdraw the complaint to ensure safety of my family, Sir I could not sleep peacefully and there is continuous stress on me regarding the safety for myself and my family as this person is being released on bail and seeing the behaviour of his family member. I had registered compaint with NCW - Registration / File No. : 8/C1400214/2014/NCW/NSP/MKU on 14 th jan2014. Request you to please Help