daughters share in agri land in uttar pradesh

Dear sir.... My mother's father died in year 2000 two years after his wife leaving behind 5 acres of agricultural land in varanasi u.p without a will. now in the year 2007 my mother's 3 brothers got the land partitioned among themselves without even mentioning my mother's name as forth child in the deed and thus mentioning that the deceased had only three sons. First of all I want to ask weather can my mother file a case against her brothers for concealing facts before the court about my mother in the deed. Secondly what is my mother's share in the land as it is agricultural in nature and is governed by "uttar pradesh zamindari abolition and land reform act" the 2005 amendment of which totally neglects share of daughter in agri land but even then I want to ask as the deceased died in 2000 so the sucession year is year 2000 or the year 2007 in which partition took place becoz in year 2000 married daughters also had share in agri land as son as per the above act. Please guide me Thank u.