Can I charge Mental Harassment case for some1 verbaly abusing me?

Respected sir, ma'am Yesterday evening while going to my classes, I accidentally hit a car. Since, that was my mistake, I readily accepted to pay the price for the car damage (very minor dent) upfront without a fuss. When we went to the car body shop for charges details, a friend of the car owner started to disrespect me and started to refer me as "Culprit" to the mechanic. I didn't liked that and asked him calmly to please not use that word. Then he got heated up and eventually I too got angry too(all verbally). The owner of the car, she asked this guy to step aside and she continued the discussion. And we both agreed that I should pay Rs4500. After paying for the damage, this other guy came back and started annoying me and started shouting at me - criminal of another state as my bike was registered to another state. I was seriously verbally tortured infront of all the customers present there. Only because I had paid the money which can't be refine refunded and I'm from a DIFFERENT STATE. please help me what should I do? Is there any legal action that I can take? Can I charge him with mental harassment? Because lots of frustration is starting to built up and this affecting all my other works. Eagerly expecting a wise help from you. Thank you in advance