recovery suit

I have flat in Vinodnagar and had let out about 3 yrs ago after signing 11 months tenancy contract with my tenant. The same got extended till Jan this year on verbal request [through mails/property dealer]. During the last few months the tenant got his advance adjusted in the rent citing issues like business etc. and did not pay the rents to me for 5 months [the rental per month was 20K]. He even did not pay the utility bills [BSES/IGL]; I had written to him on number of occasion to clear his dues but in vain. Moreover, due to local pressure from the society members he vacated the flat one fine day without even informing. Now I have been calling & following him up for the dues and Keys of my flat but he is avoiding on some pretext & buying time. While transporting his belongings he paid & cleared the NOC required from the society [records are available with the RWA]. Now he is saying that he has not completely vacated & has few items left; though the locals told me that he took all his belongings in 2 trucks. Please help/guide me in dealing with such a situation where the intent is trying to harass the landowner so as to get is dues adjusted. I am not going to let this person go scot free; as I have records of all the mails/SMS etc. that transpired between us. I want to file a recovery suit for my dues as well as the trauma I am going through plus the legal expense I would incur to fight the case. Timeline is not an issue as he is now not allowed to bring back the baggage & enter the premises & I can prove very easily that he has not been staying in my house for the last two months hence he does not have the possession of the flat even though he has the keys.